Reg Parham


Ongoing Learning

Canal Fest Franklin NJ 2018

Live Performances

New Years Eve, Rahway, NJ

Studio Session- Red Bank, NJ

    After college I enjoyed years as a freelance saxophonist and public school teacher. Performing with community musicals, Latin bands, wedding bands, and studio recording experiences.


  The Watt Hotel - Rahway, NJ

 While immersed in music as a child, I started the saxophone at 13 years old. After hearing Grover Washington's classic "Mr. Magic", I knew I had to be part of that scene​.

After many hours of private instruction and high school Battle of the Bands, next came Jersey City State College. There were many diverse musical opportunities to participate in.
 Wonderful opportunities to perform, such as Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and a production of Grease happened. I had the privilege to take first chair flute and piccolo for a Concert Choir concert. There were so many memorable experiences. ​

 I previously studied Saxophone  (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone) and Music Theory studies with Tim Price, acclaimed Woodwind performer and instructor.